Monday, February 22, 2010

Yesterday Dee and I were on the back deck enjoying the sun when the Carolina Wren returned. This time he perched in a ne
arby tree and sang. As always, we were amazed by how such a tiny bird can produce such a loud song.

I grabbed my camera and, to make sure he stayed until I got some photos, I whistled his song back at him.

Male Carolina Wrens are extremely territorial and so he immediately looked around for the intruder.

Then he repeated his song, this time even more loudly.

I whistled back again.

Now he was certainly not amused.

It was definitely time to get rid of the competition. He gave himself a preparatory shake.

Then he threw back his head and sang out at the very top of his voice ...

and looked haughtily around as if to say, "Try matching that!"

I sat quietly down. He waited and listened.

Then he flew off to another corner of his patch, satisfied that he had successfully dealt with the challenge to his dominance.


Pam said...

Very nice Jeff, a beautiful little bird. Our Wrens here never seem to stay still long enough to put on such a display!

Jeff said...

Ours tend to hop around, too, Pam. I find singing at the males tends to make them stay in one place - or come closer.

Sharon said...

Fantastic post Jeff & lovely photos to match!

Pam said...

Hmm maybe I should practice some Wren song!

Jeff said...

Thanks, Sharon. You can't really go wrong when you blog about wrens. What amazing little birds they are!

Birdwoman said...

Guess he showed you who was boss! Love those wrens.

Jeff said...

He certainly looked like he felt he'd put me in my place, Birdwoman.

Kyle said...

Wonderful pictures and a great story, Jeff! I've never gotten such a close view of a Carolina -- guess I'll have to sing to them next time. (But boy, does he look mad in a couple of those shots!)

Jeff said...

Hi, Kyle. He did look very cross at times!