Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Here and There

Dee and I spent the last hour of Saturday morning walking around Edith L. Moore Nature Sanctuary in Houston.

We were hoping to see some spring migrant warblers but southerly winds meant migrating birds were passing over our area without landing. The absence of birds didn't stop us from enjoying our time at the sanctuary, though. As you can see from the photos below, the site has plenty of other attractions.

CyFair Campus
When I got to work yesterday morning, I drov
e over to check out the Purple Martin houses. Until now, the only birds showing interest in the houses have been European Starlings. However, a solitary Purple Martin turned up today! (That's year bird #147 for me.)

In Our Yards Now that the winter residents have left, our yards are pretty quiet. However, most days they are brightened up by a couple of American Goldfinch passing through on their way north. These migrants from somewhere south of our area have much more colorful plumage than the Goldfinch that wintered in our yards.


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Birdwoman said...

Those wildflowers really pop!