Saturday, June 12, 2010

They're Growing Fast

Because of a hectic work schedule, the only birdwatching I've been able to do this week has been taking quick looks at the Western Kingbirds' nest on the CyFair campus.

One of the two chicks seems to be much more developed than the other. I suspect it won't be long before it ventures out of the nest.

The parents fly in and out of the nest every few minutes bringing food.

In mid-week I managed to get a shot of a parent feeding a chick.

In-between feeding trips, the parents sometimes take short rests. They often preen during these rests. But when it's really hot, they're content to just perch, pant and hold their wings out from their bodies to get some relief from the heat.

Yesterday brought a surprise. There are actually three chicks and not two.

Because of how the nest is placed, it's impossible to be totally sure of how many chicks there are. Last year these parents successfully raised four young. I wonder if this year's brood includes a fourth chick that I haven't seen yet. Time will tell.

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