Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Week at CyFair

I was only able to do a couple of quick walks around the campus this week and it seemed fairly quiet for birds.

We still have perhaps 50-60 Cedar Waxwings.


We have plenty of White-winged Doves, too, and late in the week they were joined in the trees by half-a-dozen Brown Headed Cowbirds.

I've seen our Great Horned Owl a couple of times, although it hasn't been in the mood to be photographed.

The sole new arrival I spotted was a male Purple Martin, who was checking out our nesting boxes.

I was hoping that some of our Western Kingbirds had arrived but they don't seem to have reached here yet. All being well, at least two pairs will return soon and will again raise their young above the basketball court and in one of the parking lots

Weekend Away
By the time you read this, we should be up in the Hill Country enjoying the start of spring break. We'll probably spend Saturday night in Concan, so that we can bird there and at Cook's Slough in Uvalde. (I'm still hoping for Green Kingfisher there!) Sunday we'll drive over to spend the night in San Antonio and will try to visit Mitchell Lake on Monday morning before we head back home.


Kah-Wai Lin said...

Nice blog! I would love to follow up!
A lot of waxwing! Spectacular!

Kah Wai

Jeff said...

Your Dipper photos are fantastic!