Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bathing Beauty

The other day Dee pointed out that the birdbath in our backyard was empty of water and covered in dirt and mold. So I went out, scrubbed it down and filled it with water.  My presence scared off several birds - including an Orange-crowned Warbler - that been hanging out in a wisteria behind the birdbath. 

A few minutes later I looked out of the window just as the Warbler flew down to the birdbath and started bathing, while a House Sparrow and an American Goldfinch perched on the edge of the bath and looked on.

After a little while, the Warbler seemed to have finished. But then it clearly decided that it needed a much more thorough soaking and back into the water it went.

Dee was delighted when this bird's orange crown became visible during its bath, because she has often complained that you never actually see any orange on the head of Orange-crowned Warblers. By contrast, Ruby-crowned Kinglets frequently raise their ruby crowns when agitated.



biker-bri said...

A very dull Gray day in north Wales, but your photographs of the bird in the bath really brightened up my day.
Regards Brian

Jeff said...

Hi, Brian.
I'm glad the photos brightened a gloomy day. We don't get many such days here but I remember them well from when I lived in Carlisle and other parts of the UK!