Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mixed Success

.I've managed to fit in a few short walks around the nature trail this week and the birding has been frustrating: Lots of interesting noises but usually only the briefest glimpse of birds!

A Great-crested Flycatcher has been present most days but refuses to leave the shadows when I'm in the area.

Lincoln's Sparrows haven't migrated north yet. However, they're being even more secretive than usual.

The Baltimore Oriole and Indigo Buntings are still around but disappear as soon as I get anywhere near them. Although Yellow-breasted Chats chatter away all over the place, I rarely get to see or photograph them. This picture is the only one that is even recognizable.

Outdoing even the chats in the noise department have been a couple of Scissor-tailed Flycatchers. Yesterday I finally managed to get a couple of shots of one them.

A pair of Green Herons continues to hang out in the early mornings in trees near the nature trail. 

BTW, one reason that I'm feeling irritated by the comparative lack of visible birds is that today I'm leading students on a birdwalk. I can just imagine their reactions if they don't get to have clear views of at least a few birds!

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