Monday, October 28, 2013

San Jacinto

Saturday morning we drove over to the San Jacinto Monument site on our way to Baytown Nature Center.

The boardwalk had several Sedge Wrens, as well as a Tricolored Heron (below).

The bare trees in and around the bay were crowded with Neotropic Cormorants, drying their wings or simply resting.

The bay itself was busy with hundreds of American White Pelicans.

Lines of Pelicans were crisscrossing the water.

Brown Pelicans fish by diving headfirst into the water. White Pelicans fish by floating on the surface and dipping their heads into the water. They often fish in  groups, forming a semi-circle or complete circle in order to corral their prey.

After watching the pelicans for a while, we headed to Baytown via the Lynchburg ferry. Before taking the ferry, we stopped to check out the beach below the Monument Inn. I was hoping for a range of shorebirds but the only birds there were American Avocets (below) and Laughing Gulls.


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