Monday, November 04, 2013

Last Week at Work and at Home

The CyFair campus has continued to be quiet for birds. We do have a lot of Northern Mockingbirds, though, including this one with a damaged beak.

The parking lots have large numbers of Great-tailed Grackles. This female had a hard time subduing and eating a large dragonfly.  

At home all our usual residents have been visiting the feeders, including a constant stream of Carolina Chickadees.

The Blue Jays enjoy both the peanuts we put out and our birdbaths.

We have a couple of families of House Finches.

Several Tufted Titmice have become regular - and very welcome - visitors to the feeders in our backyard.

This male Orange-crowned Warbler was the first of our winter residents to show up this year.

The second was a Yellow-rumped Warbler that appeared on Sunday.

I have seen several Ruby-crowned Kinglets at CyFair but the male that has spent the past five winters in our yards still hasn't shown up. I'm beginning to think that perhaps he didn't survive his time in the north or else died during migration. .

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