Friday, January 17, 2014

(Mainly) Foto Friday

So far this year I haven't focused on the birds in our yards. Let me remedy that now with photos of some of our current winter residents.

I'm not sure how many Orange-crowned Warblers we have but it seems that there's almost always one on our suet feeders from dawn till dusk. If you look carefully, you can see that this one has a touch of orange on its crown.

Although I may be wrong, we seem to have only one Pine Warbler.

He's a boldly-colored male who is not above giving me a very sharp look when I get too close.

We have at least four or five Yellow-rumped Warblers. They don't come to our feeders but they appreciate our birdbaths.

My favorite of all our winter birds is the Ruby-crowned Kinglet. 

Like the Pine Warbler, this Kinglet gives me some hard looks - and in doing so he sometimes shows a hint of his ruby crown.

American Goldfinch showed around Christmas and we now have up to a score at a time. 

Surprisingly, it took them until late last week to notice that we had hung out a sock feeder specially for them.

I keep watching the Goldfinches in the hope that a Pine Siskin will turn up with them. However, as this isn't an irruptive year for Siskins, I am unlikely to see one in our yards.

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