Wednesday, February 05, 2014

1,000 Posts

I was hoping that for this, my 1000th post, I would be able to share photos of some of the hummingbirds and other birds that I saw over the weekend. Unfortunately, the weather and lighting were too bad for me to get any usable pictures.

So I'll have to make do with a few photos from a brief visit I paid last week to Paul Rushing Chain-of-Lakes Park. 

The park was busy with a range of ducks, including Northern Shovelers, Ruddy Ducks and Gadwalls. There were also many American Wigeons, easily recognized by the white stripe down the front of their face.

I was pleased to notice that the lakes also had several groups of Northern Pintail, which I personally feel is the most beautiful of all ducks. 

I was hoping for shorebirds but the only ones I spotted were a couple of Wilson's Snipes and a Greater Yellowlegs. Or is it a Lesser Yellowlegs? I find it hard to distinguish between the two species.

Larger wading birds were also scarce. Apart from a Great Blue Heron, I saw only a few Great Egrets. 

This one seemed to like hanging out with the group of domestic and exotic ducks that are permanent residents of the park.

On my way out I stopped to admire male Great-tailed Grackles as they practiced their mating calls and displays.

My final sighting was of a Crested Caracara perched on a utility pole. I am still amazed at how common these birds are on the Katy Prairie, and at how much they have expanded there range in the eleven years that I've been in Texas.

I hope they continue to thrive and to expand north and east, so that more people can get to see these wonderful birds. 


Dorothy Borders said...

Wonderful Caracara picture!

Jenn said...

Happy 1000! I have to agree with you about the expanding Cara Cara range... I never saw them while growing up in the San Antonio area... but now I see them all the time! Beautiful. Cheers.