Thursday, April 10, 2014

Things Have Changed

Now that spring is here, the bird population in our yards has changed. Our winter visitors have left, with the exception of an Orange-crowned Warbler (below) and a few Chipping Sparrows.

Of course, this doesn't mean that our yards are lacking in bird activity. Far from it!

Several pairs of Northern Cardinals pop in most days. I'm happy to say these include the one-footed male who we've been watching for months and who now seems to have found a mate.

Our resident Carolina Wrens pay regular visits to our feeders and they check out the rest of our yards while they're here.

At least two Northern Mockingbirds come to our suet feeders several times a day. I'm not sure if they're siblings or partners.

Carolina Chickadees and Tufted Titmice (below) snack on our birdseed throughout the day.

The Chickadees take sunflower seeds away to branches, where they peck them open. The Titmice prefer to take seeds and nuts to the fence for opening or breaking up.

Deanne has been putting peanuts out for a while now and these have proved to be very popular with Blue Jays. The latter turn up several times a day to check on the nut situation. If there are no nuts left, they scream for more.

For my part, I've been putting out orange halves, in hopes of attracting migrating Orioles. I've had no luck so far but then migration is still in its early stages.

Other frequent visitors to our yards are Downy Woodpecker, Red-bellied Woodpeckers, American Robins, White-winged Doves and the inevitable House Sparrows. An Eastern Phoebe moved into our neighborhood a few weeks ago. I haven't seen it lately but I sometimes hear it calling in the mornings when I'm in the front yard.


Rachael said...

Hi Jeff

We live in Cypress as well and I love checking your blog to see what birds you have in your yard. We have many of the same here at our house. I have identified many from your site so thank you! I noticed a couple of new birds in the last few days, one Carolina Wren, a single blue jay (we have 2 pairs but we have an extra hanging out with one of the pairs), a little black bodied bird with a dark brown head that initially I thought did not have a mate but then she finally came out to the feeder and a very small bright blue bird. Similar in size to the Chickadee. It has a black beak, black feet & legs, black tips on it's tail and a few black markings on the edges of its wings. Otherwise it's completely neonish blue. Any idea what it might be? If you can identify my little black/brown bird that would be helpful as well. Thanks Rachael

Jeff said...

Hi, Rachael.
The lack/brown sounds like a Brown-headed Cowbird.
The blue bird has to be an Indigo Bunting. My wife saw one at our feeders late last week, but I missed it cos I was at work.