Thursday, May 22, 2014

South Llano River State Park: Day 2 (Afternoon: Part 1)

After brunch we went back to spend a little time at Lora's Blind, which we hadn't visited in the morning.

The blind is situated near an old barn.

The cactuses, thistles and other plants were in bloom.

Lizards were scooting around on the ground.

Ants were everywhere - and some of them were BIG.

Two Black Vultures did some synchronized flying above us.

The feeders had the usual birds, including Lark and Field Sparrows, Painted Buntings and Black-crested Titmouse (below).

Western Scrub-Jays gave us very good looks.

A female Summer Tanager approached the water feeder very shyly.

When she finally gathered up the nerve to try the water, she seemed to resent the presence of a male Northern Cardinal.

As soon as he moved, she got down to the serious business of bathing.

Dee was ready for a rest by now, so I dropped her off at the motel before driving on a country road to the Junction wastewater plant. On the way I had to slow down to allow a Greater Roadrunner to cross the road. 

I was disappointed to see that the pond that had held several shorebirds two days earlier was now almost dry. The only birds on it were a Killdeer, a couple of White-rumped Sandpipers and Least Sandpipers (below).

I walked the perimeter of the plant, hoping for Yellow-headed Blackbirds. I wasn't successful. Instead I saw many Cliff Swallows and Red-winged Blackbirds, plus a couple of Bell's Vireos (below). 

A quick visit to the city park was't much more productive, turning up only Eastern Wood-Pewee, Vermilion Flycatcher, Bronzed Cowbird and Western Kingbird (below).

After that, it was time for a quick rest at the motel before returning to the state park to see if we could spot any different bird species.

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