Sunday, August 31, 2014

Ducks Again

The other day I had to drive my wife over to the North Cypress Medical Center at Huffmeister and 290. While she was inside, I took the opportunity to go and check out the Black-bellied Whistling Ducks (BBWD) on the two ponds behind the Medical Center. At this time of the year, there are roughly 50 BBWDs on and around the ponds.

Most of the ducks are juveniles and they tend to hang out with their siblings.

The adults have a dark brown crown of feathers extending from the back of their neck all the way to their bill.

On the juveniles the brown crown ends well before reaching the bill.

When the ducklings are very young, their parents usually keep a close eye on them. However, as the ducklings get older, the parents are less vigilant.

Apart from the BBWDs and several species of exotic ducks, the ponds have a couple of resident pairs of  Mallards. I couldn't resist taking a photo of this striking female Mallard.



Anastasia Abboud said...

Wonderful pics! Thank you for sharing!

Jeff said...

I'm glad you like them.