Monday, February 09, 2015

An Odd Birding Site

You wouldn't expect to see many birds around the medical complex at the junction of Hufmeister and 290. However, there are two nicely landscaped ponds behind the main building and these often attract attract a range of birds.

When I walked around the ponds on Friday, several Neotropic Cormorants were hanging there.

As always, the ponds were hosting a lot of American Coots.

I was expecting to see the usual large flock of Black-bellied Whistling Ducks but I only spotted a single individual. I wonder why this one didn't leave when the others flew off.

Egrets are already starting to come into their breeding plumage, as you can see from this Snowy Egret grooming at one of the ponds.

Nearby a Great Egret looked equally impressive as it preened.

Just as I was leaving, I noticed that two Inca Doves were snuggled down among the branches.

While Inca Doves aren't rare in our area, they aren't exactly common either. I'll have to watch to see whether these two were just passing through or whether they might be going to nest here.

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