Monday, October 12, 2015

Birding near Home

This weekend I had only a couple of hours free for birding and so I spent the time checking out three sites in our neighborhood.

The first place I visited was the Little Cypress Creek Preserve on Telge Road. I was hoping for migrating birds but, unfortunately, all I saw were residents, like this Red-bellied Woodpecker.

As I was leaving, I noticed a movement in a nearby tree. One of the resident Red-shouldered Hawks.

I managed to approach the tree from a different angle to get a slightly better look.

Next up was a walk around the Longwood retention pond on Hufmeister Road. My main aim was to see if I could spot one of the Bald Eagles that nest there each winter.

One of the eagles was present way over on the far side of the pond.

There were other raptors, though.

A Red-shouldered Hawk perched for a while.

Several Broad-winged Hawks (my first of 2015) circled overhead.

They were joined by a couple of Turkey Vultures.

Far back near the road, a Red-tailed Hawk posed on a utility pole.

A Great Egret was enjoying the morning sun from the top of a tree.

Down near the water's edge a Tricolored Heron was hanging out with a Snowy Egret.

The mud flats had attracted a bunch of Killdeer as well as a Solitary Sandpiper (below).

Out on the water, eight Pied-billed Grebes were cruising around with half-a-dozen American Coots. They all fled as I approached!

My final birds were several Northern Mockingbirds.

One of these was lacking most of the top section of its beak. It was still singing away, though.

On my way home I made a brief stop at our small neighborhood pond, where I found a Green Heron preening in the morning sunlight.

It was totally unconcerned by my presence and even let me take this head shot.

Not a bad bird with which to end my mini birding trip!

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