Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Winter Residents: Warblers & Kinglets

Our yards are very busy with birds at present. Apart from our year-round residents, our feeders and birdbath attract a number of birds to spend each winter with us.

Of the three types of warbler which show up each fall, the one that we see least often is the Pine Warbler. Members of this species just pop in occasionally to snack from one of our seed feeders.

Yellow-rumped Warblers visit our yards more often but they never come to our feeders. 

Instead, they hunt bugs in our trees and also pop down to drink from our birdbath.

By far the most frequent visitors of the three warbler species are Orange-crowned Warblers. You never have to watch one of our suet feeders for long before you see one of these delightful little birds fly in.

We're not sure how many individuals we have of this species because they all look so similar.

Next to the Orange-crowned Warblers, the most frequent visitor to our suet feeders is a Ruby-crowned Kinglet.

While Kinglets are tiny, they all seem to have a lot of personality and they are certainly among our favorite birds.


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