Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Very Busy Yards

Our yards have been really busy lately, with the most numerous birds being 60+ Chipping Sparrows, 40+ American Goldfinch and 20+ White-winged Doves. However, Our Blue Jays and Red-bellied Woodpeckers have still managed to muscle their way in. Other species have often had to wait for ages before they could get in for a meal.

Blue Jay

There has often been competition between birds of the same species, too. One Yellow-rumped Warbler is guarding his/her territory very fiercely and there have been numerous tussles between Pine Warblers and between Orange-crowned Warblers.

This Ruby-crowned Kinglet was shocked to discover that its preferred suet feeder had fallen to the ground but, when I rehung the feeder on another branch, he/she found it within seconds.

One of our male House Finches seems to be having trouble flying and we're hoping that it isn't anything serious. It's a little worrying that he let me get within two feet of him before flying off though.


Isaac said...

I can't wait until my yard begins to attract'em like yours does.

Jeff said...

If you keep regularly putting up feeders, I'm sure birds will turn up.
BTW, the main reason we chose to buy an older house was so we'd have an established yard to attract birds.