Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Spring Creek Park, Tomball

On Monday morning we spent a couple of hours in Spring Creek Park. Although it was rather blustery, there were plenty of birds around: We ended up with 22 species, which I think is the most I've ever seen there. Unfortunately, few of the birds were in the mood to be photographed.

I got only brief glimpses through branches as this Cooper's Hawk circled overhead.

American Robins, Red-bellied Woodpeckers and Pine Warblers were the most numerous species, but we also saw several Downy Woodpeckers, Eastern Bluebirds, Northern Cardinals, Ruby-crowned Kinglets, Orange-crowned Warblers, American Goldfinch, Yellow-rumped Warblers and Carolina Chickadees.
Carolina Chickadee

The open areas had American Pipits, Eastern Bluebirds, Chipping Sparrows and a solitary Killdeer.


The Cooper's Hawk was a new year bird, as was this Northern Flicker.

White-eyed Vireo and Brown Creeper took my 2009 list to 89 species.


Birdwoman said...

This park is practically just across the creek from my house and yet I almost never go there. Very stupid of me. Sometimes the jewels closest to hand are those least appreciated.

Jeff said...

That's very true. There's a nice undeveloped piece of land less than half-a-mile from our house but I rarely visit it.

Isaac said...

I can relate. I just stumbled upon a nature preserve in The Woodlands that I've driven past a hundred times without ever knowing how nice it was. I finally stopped this week and it's a nice area. I didn't have any binocs with me but there seemed to be a decent number of birds. At least the habitat was rich - bottomland hardwoods with lots of drainage sloughs and wetlands.

Isaac said...

Here's website on it if you're in the area.


Jeff said...

Hi, Isaac.
I've heard of the site but have never been there.
This reminds me that, one of these days, I need to get back over to W G Jones, as I haven't been there for years.

Jerry Schmitt said...

A pair of cooper's hawks frequent our back yard. I have noticed that squirrels are nervous of them but have seen them close to each other frequently. Squirrels seem to know that the hawk prefers doves.