Saturday, June 06, 2009

Kingbird Nest

At the CyFair college campus, one of two pairs of Western Kingbirds has nested in the roof of our basketball court.

The nest is right in the southwest corner of the roof and on Thursday it contained four offspring.

One adult normally stands guard nearby ...

while the other catches bugs and takes them to the nest.

Yesterday, I was a little worried when I saw that there were only three birds in the nest. Then I noticed the parent going to feed a baby that had worked its way further along the roof edge ...

before going to feed the three birds still in the nest.


Birdwoman said...

Beautiful pictures of this lovely family.

Jeff said...

Hi, Birdwoman.
I'm surprised that the babies already have so much yellow on their fronts.

Kyle said...

Wow, what a great opportunity to watch this family of kingbirds. That's a particularly gorgeous shot of the adult on sentry duty, perched atop the tree!

Jeff said...

Hi, Kyle.
They've nested in the roof for several years now, but this year the nest is a little easier to see.