Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Our Yards

We recently hung a new feeder in our back yard. The feeder is right outside our living-room window and so now we can get good views of birds without moving from our couch. The birds like it, too, because they can watch Wimbledon on TV while they eat.

Our front yard is pretty busy with birds these days. We are getting more visits by Blue Jays than we've had in ages.

And "our" Red-bellied Woodpeckers now pop in several times a day.

Like most of the other birds, this Red-bellied spends a lot of time with its beak open, panting in the heat. (Yesterday was the 7th consecutive day over 100F.)

For some reason, many of the birds prefer bathing in the run-off water in our street gutter to using our birdbaths. This makes it harder to get photos of them from our front porch. However, the zoom on my camera was just long enough to let me get a picture of this House Sparrow clearly enjoying getting very wet.


Birdwoman said...

The red on that House Finch is just astonishing.

Jeff said...

He really is a treat to watch, particularly as he seems to like sitting right in the sun.

Stephanie said...

Beautiful pics! So kind of you to share your TV w/them! ;)

Jeff said...

Hi, Stephanie.
We gain this way, too, because we can watch the birds without missing any of the tennis!