Thursday, July 19, 2012

CyFair Campus Quiz

For the past couple of weeks it has been very quiet for birds on the CyFair campus. Except for glimpses of a Green Heron, there is no action at the retention ponds. The nature trail, too, is quiet: I took a quick walk there this morning and didn't see a single bird.

As I have so little to report, I thought it might be fun to post a bird quiz for a change.

Below are photos of 12 bird species that I've seen on the CyFair campus over the years. Most are residents or common visitors, but a few are birds we don't often see here.

See if you can identify all the different species.

(The answers are given further down the page.)





The Answers

1. Black-bellied Whistling Duck

2. Blue-winged Teal

3. Common Nighthawk

4. Red-tailed Hawk

5. Swainson's Hawk

6. Yellow-crowned Night Heron

7. Green Heron

8. Greater Yellowlegs

9. Eastern Meadowlark

10. Dark-eyed Junco

11. Sedge Wren

12. Nashville Warbler

So how did you do?
10-12 Excellent
7-9 Very Good
5-6 Fair
0-4 Oh, dear!

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