Monday, July 16, 2012

Quite a Weekend!

Well, that was quite a weekend! We had 11" of rain on Friday and a couple more inches on Saturday and Sunday. Our Internet was down and we weren't able to drive out of our neighborhood until yesterday. So that's why I didn't post anything on this blog between Thursday and today.

Of course, the huge storms that we've been having also mean that I haven't been able to get out birding. Also, it's been so dark and wet most of the time that I wasn't even able to take many photos in our yards.

I did manage to get a few photos, though, including some of several young  Northern Cardinals that have been visiting our yards regularly.

The eldest male doesn't have his full scarlet plumage yet but he already looks impressive.

As you will see below, the two other young males still have a ways to go with their plumage.




Dina said...

What a scrappy little bird. He was showing his attitude though. Cute!

Jeff said...

I think you're right!