Tuesday, November 03, 2009

A Good Morning at CyFair

When I saw a Spotted Sandpiper on my drive to work, I just knew it was going to be good for birds at CyFair.

Literally as soon as I stepped onto the soccer field, I was welcomed by Mourning Doves, Killdeer and a Loggerhead Shrike. Then a FOS bird: a Savannah Sparrow.

The Savannah Sparrow

On the far goalpost there was an Eastern Phoebe, while the nearby trees had at least eight Northern Mockingbirds.

One of the Mockingbirds

I glanced up and saw a Vee of 70-80 Double-crested Cormorants crossing overhead.

The path over to the Nature Trail was busy with butterflies: Monarchs, Gulf Fritillaries and Common Buckeyes. There were several wrens, too; the only one I saw clearly was a Sedge Wren.

The Nature Trail was very muddy
and so I contented myself with walking only the first fifty yards. There was plenty to see, including more butterflies, an interesting spider web and lots of large dragonflies.

A Northern Cardinal was singing from a Chinese Tallow and three Chipping Sparrows were foraging below him. Then I had a brief glimpse of a different bird high in a tree. Yes! A Yellow-rumped Warbler. One of my favorite birds and the first of this season.

I grabbed a quick photo before the warbler disappeared, and then I spent the next five minutes trying unsuccessfully to
see the bird again.

After giving up on the warbler, I sat down on one of the outdoor classroom benches. I immediately noticed that the bushes all around me were full of small birds: Yellow-rumped Warblers. It was wonderful to be able to watch them as they rummaged around in the undergrowth just feet away from me.

Well, time to head back to work.

On the way to my office, I some Great-tailed Grackles on the grass and in the trees around the parking lot. What beautiful and impressive birds they are!

And so to work.


Birdwoman said...

That was indeed a very good morning. I love this time of year, with new birds showing up in the yard almost daily. You've captured the feeling perfectly with your pictures and your commentary.

sharon said...

Wow Jeff, looks like you had a really good day! Great photos.