Saturday, October 31, 2009

In Our Yards

Our yards were just starting to fill up with birds again when we were hit by another major storm. The weather had improved by yesterday afternoon but few birds had returned. Apart from a few House Finches, a Ruby-crowned Kinglet and a skittish White-winged Dove, the only bird that came to our front yard yesterday afternoon was a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker. The same was true this morning.

We currently have at least two Sapsuckers. One of them is an adult male with a very red chin and throat. One of them appears to have much less red and so I'm wondering if it is a younger male.

I've noticed that the Sapsuckers are very leery of being watched. They will happily forage in our elm tree quite unperturbed while kids play right under the tree and cars drive by just a few yards away. I can even walk around or stand at the base of the tree without disturbing them. However, as soon as I start watching them or trying to take a photo, they fly off to another yard. So I assume that they notice when eyes are directed at them and they take this as a sign of danger.

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