Saturday, October 17, 2009

Head for the Hills

Another northern front is passing through, knocking temperatures down from 90 to 75, but I still haven't see any of our winter residents at home or on the CyFair campus.

Just as I turned onto the campus yesterday, though, I saw three Roseate Spoonbills fly over. They looked like three pink angels against the bright blue sky. On my drive home I spotted a hawk that looked different from our usual Red-tailed ones. I was able to grab a quick look and photo from the car. Broad-winged?

It's my birthday Monday, so we're heading to Austin for the weekend. It'll be great to be in hilly country again. We don't have any firm plans for when we get there but we'll probably visit either the Zilter botanical gardens or the Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center. On the way back we may pop in at either McKinney Falls Park or Bastrop State Park.

However, I know for certain where I'll be early on Sunday morning. The Hornsby Bend sewage plant. Nowhere better for birds than a good sewage plant, and Hornsby Bend is a really good sewage plant. I can't wait!

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