Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Another Arrival

I sat out in our front yard for a few minutes late this afternoon and was pleased to see that one of the Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers was enjoying hunting for insects in the bark of our elm. I was also happy to see that we once again have a group of 7-8 House Finches coming to the feeders.

Just as I was about to go indoors, I noticed some movement high in the branches of the elm. A very small bird was busily hopping around among the leaves. The way it was foraging immediately made me think "Ruby-crowned Kinglet". I grabbed my camera and managed to get just one photo as the bird came out partly into the open before flying away. It was a Ruby-crowned Kinglet.

So that's another of our winter residents t
hat's managed to make it safely back to Texas and our yards. I wonder which will be the next one to show up.

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