Friday, March 19, 2010

Bear Creek Park

I dropped in at Bear Creek Park for half-an-hour at lunchtime on Wednesday. As it was around noon, there weren't many birds.

Tufted Titmice were busily exploring the oaks, as were Yellow-rumpedWarblers. I don't think
I've ever seen as many Yellow-rumps in Texas as I have this winter. They have been everywhere, and in numbers.

I spent several minutes circling a tree trying to get a photo of a Red-headed Woodpecker. Every time I moved to one side of the tree, he moved to the other. Eventually I
gave up and aimed for some photos of Eastern Bluebirds instead. This one was too busy grooming to pay much attention to me.

This one kept a wary eye on me but let me get quite close.

While watching the Bluebirds, I kept seeing out of the corner of my eye a larger bird flying in and out of a nearby tree. When I finally managed to focus on it, I realized it was a Wood Duck. That's year bird #140.

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