Sunday, March 07, 2010

Red-shouldered Hawks

I spent some time this morning watching
the pair of Red-shouldered Hawks on Louetta, 30 yards south of Longwood Bend.

When I arrived, the female was busy
working on the nest.

After a few minutes she flew over to another tree, where she spent 10 minutes preening.

A familiar screeching announced the return of her partner.

She called back, presumably to let him know where she was, but he headed straight to the nest. He spent a couple of minutes doing something to the nest ...

before flying over to join his mate.

The female soon went back to her preening.

And her mate set off on another patrol, circling the nesting area several times before disappearing into the distance.



Birdwoman said...

Beautiful series of pictures.

Jeff said...

Thank you, Birdwoman. I'm now getting more into shooting series rather than individual photos. I think it's more informative.