Monday, November 15, 2010

Our Weekend

We had a great weekend in the hill country. In spite of all the forecasts of bad weather, we didn't see any rain at all although a cold front did make it cooler on Saturday and Sunday.

We squeezed in an hour at Cooks Slough in Uvalde on Friday afternoon and were so impressed by the beauty of the site that we returned there the next morning. I haven't had time to process the bird photos yet but here are a few of the butterflies that we saw there.



Birdwoman said...

That fifth picture is a butterfly that I had not seen before. Referring to my favorite field guide, it looks like a Texan Crescent. Was that your ID also? Nice pictures, all.

Jeff said...

I'm afraid that I don't know butterflies well, Birdwoman, and we gave our only guide to the boy next door!