Monday, November 01, 2010

Our Yards

Yesterday we spent several very enjoyable hours at Brazos Bend State Park - but I won't blog about that until tomorrow!
Today was a day for yard work and this has given me a chance to see which birds are currently visiting our front yard. (We can see our backyard birds through our living-room windows.)

The visitors to the front yard were mainly the usual suspects - Blue Jays, House Wrens, Red-bellied Woodpecker etc. However, they were joined by the very first of our winter residents, a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker. Our elm tree attracts a pair of Sapsuckers every year, and they usually produce a youngster. Only one turned up today, and it was too skittish to let me photograph it - or even see whether it was the male or the female. 

In contrast, one of our backyard birds - a Carolina Wren - is not at all skittish. Today it spent a long time on and under our feeders, and this enabled me to take its photo.



Barbara said...

Sweet little bird.

Jeff said...

They really are, Barbara. They're so inquisitive, too.