Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Heat Can Drive You Crazy

It has been the hottest June on record in southeast Texas and the heat seems to have been getting to some of the visitors in our yards.

This juvenile Northern Mockingbird was clearly feeling hot and bothered.

I assume that its feather-spreading behavior was an attempt to cool down.

A White-winged Dove adopted the same pose while perched on a fence.

Then it moved up and repeated the behavior on our shed roof, while a young House Finch looked on.

Our squirrels have been behaving oddly, too. One of then played for several minutes with a two-foot-long stick.

It repeatedly bit and kicked the stick, even managing to turn it end over end. Then it tried to carry the stick up our mulberry tree.

When this proved impossible, the squirrel abandoned the stick and pounced instead on a a ball of dead grass. It bit and kicked the grass, rolling over and over as it did so.  All I can think is that it was playing. 

Talking of squirrels, another squirrel has finally managed to find its way into our "squirrel-proof" cage feeder. I spotted it in there yesterday, looking rather like a prisoner in a jail cell.


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