Sunday, August 28, 2011

Notes from Montana

.Not doing as well as I hoped for new birds up here in Montana but the landcapes are incredible - and it's quite a bit cooler than Houston.

Glacier Park yesterday was impressive.

Didn't see any bears but lots of Bighorn Sheep.

Some of the mountain goats were not at all shy.

I always confuse American Crows and Common Ravens. Unitil I see a Raven. Then I remember how huge they are. (This was one of only four bird species that I saw in Glacier in 7 hours!)

Currently in Karispell, where Wood Ducks hang out in the town parks.

Heading back to Missoula early today, stopping off at some birding sites long the way. Wish me luck!


FabricandFlowers said...

Beautiful. I was there about 10 yrs ago, before the fire. Nothing like Montana.

mkircus said...

Gorgeous place. I was only there for part of two days and can't wait to go back.

It's hard to realize that lots of places have very few species of birds after living in Texas. I was so surprised to paddle in the boundary waters for a week to sixteen days and pretty much only see song sparrows, ring-billed gulls, and loons.

Jeff said...

Hi, FandF. It really was beautiful up there. Wish I'd had longer to explore the state.

Jeff said...

Like you, mk, I only had two free days. Birding in Texas is certainly a lot easier and more productive than birding in the mountains in Utah, Colorado and Montana! However, the easiest birding I've ever had was in the San Francisco Bay Area.