Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wordless Wednesday




Dave said...

superb clear image jeff.

I havent seen clear blue sky like that for ages...:(

Jeff said...

Not bad for a $100 zoom lens!

Paul said...

Jeff, I haven't checked in on your blog over the course of this entire hot dry season. But now the rain and cool weather has finally arrived. My solution to my squirrel problem of them digging up plants in my garden was solved by live trapping. I trapped 21 grey squirrels right out on my front yard. I deported them to the piney area next to H-E-B at 249 and Louetta. Had no idea I had so many. I can live with the more controlled numbers. This morning I noticed two young red squirrels. I liking having a different variety in the yard. Nice pictures today. We have many new migrators showing up here as well. I especially like having the new house wrens. They have real spunky personality.

Jeff said...

That's a lot of squirrels, Paul! Mind you, although I rarely see more than 4-5 squirrels at once in our very small yards, I bet we and our immediate neighbors have at least a couple of dozen between us.