Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Close Viewing

A couple of years ago we started hanging feeders outside our livingroom windows, so that we can watch some of our bird visitors without leaving the house. The birds like the position of these feeders, perhaps because a nearby wisteria provides safe perches from which to check out the feeders before flying onto them.

We normally have one Orange-crowned Warbler in our yards in the winter but this year we seem to have three. Here's one lurking in the wisteria.

As the feeders are only 18" from the window glass, we certainly get close-up views of the birds that use them. Most of the birds fly away if we approach the window but some, like Carolina Chickadees, are bolder. A Ruby-crowned Kinglet which has been wintering in our yard for 3-4 years is certainly not afraid of me.

If I get too close, all that happens is that he/she throws me a very stern look!


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