Saturday, November 05, 2011

The Week at CyFair

I kept hoping that successive cold fronts this week would bring a tide of new birds to the campus. But they didn't. At best they brought a few more Yellow-rumped Warblers and Lincoln's Sparrows to join those that arrived weeks ago.

However, a male House Finch was a nice surprise, as it's a species we've only ever seen once before at the college.

Otherwise the nature trail was still mainly inhabited by Northern Mockingbirds.

On Thursday morning I got to the campus just as dawn was breaking beyond the retention ponds.

It didn't take long for the sky to change from golden to silver, black and gray.

As the light improved, I was surprised to find the ponds busy with a dozen or more American Coots and a handful of Pied-billed Grebes.

The banks were busier than normal, too. Apart from our usual Great Egret, there were three Snowy Egrets.

So, overall, not an exciting week at the college. Still, maybe next week will bring more cold fronts and new flocks of birds!


Nancy Crosby said...

Would like to discuss birding England, Ireland and the Netherlands.

Nancy Crosby said...

Would like to visit England, Ireland and the Netherlands to see Ruffs and other new birds, comments?

Jeff said...

I'm afraid I don't do much birding outside the USA. For info on birding in Europe, try visiting

Dave said...

Well done with the Housefinch, its nice to pick up a scarce visitor now and again. Lovely sunrise too.

Jeff said...

Thanks, Dave. At home our yards are never empty of House Finches but the college campus (8 miles away) is a totally different story.