Thursday, December 08, 2011

Always something of interest

It has been very cold on the Katy Prairie for the past couple of days and so it has been less busy. Less busy with birders, that is. The birds have been just as active as ever.

Every time I drive up to the Cypress Creek bridge on Sharp, I see the Eastern Towhee and a ton of sparrows. Since spotting my first Harris County Lark Bunting last week, I now keep seeing lots of them along Sharp Road. As always this time of year, Red-tailed Hawks and Crested Caracaras are everywhere.

Speaking of Caracaras, I had an odd sighting on Tuesday morning. I was driving past Paul Rushing Park when I noticed several Turkey Vultures and two Caracaras circling. I stopped and looked through binoculars: Five Caracaras were on the ground together. I rushed over and got a photo of one juvenile Caracara feeding on a raccoon carcass.

Back at the car, I realized that a group of Horned Larks was grazing nearby. The male soon moved away.

However, the females stayed near me for several minutes.

Longenbaugh continues to have the male Pyrrhuloxia, a few Lark Buntings and a whole host of sparrows. Inca Doves often show up there also.

While I was watching the Inca Doves, a possum dashed across the road and disappeared under the bridge.


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