Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bolivar (2)

Many of the shorebirds at Rollover Pass are far enough away that they are best viewed through binoculars. When we were there, this was the cae with some small groups of Dowitchers, for example. However, many others were scouring the area near where we had our picnic and some of them seemed to forget about our presence after a while.

That was the case with a couple of Ruddy Turnstones, a Yellowlegs and a Marbled Godwit.


Most of the Black-bellied Plovers were more shy and stayed well away from us.

So, too, did other Plovers.

I was surprised not to see any Long-billed Curlews on this visit. There were two Whimbrels, though, a species that is less common and that I never tire of watching. One of them was hunting in the shallows but kept stopping to deal with a persistent itch on its neck.

The other Whimbrel was exploring the sand near the water's edge and seemed to be having more success.


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