Saturday, November 03, 2012

Sharp Road

The other day I used my lunch break to take a very quick drive over to Sharp Road on the Katy Prairie. I wanted to see whether any interesting sparrows had started arriving in the area. As it turned out, I didn't see a single sparrow but I did see three other species of birds that made the drive worthwhile.

First up were three Red-tailed Hawks, very common birds here at this time of the year but ones that I never tire of seeing and photographing.

The next bird I came across was a Crested Caracara, one of our most iconic Texas species and one that you can count on seeing during almost any trip to the Katy Prairie.

The third bird was another Texas specialty species but a much less common one: a White-tailed Hawk.

This was only my second sighting of a White-tailed Hawk this year. My first sighting was back in early January in almost the same spot and so was probably of the very same bird.

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