Saturday, March 16, 2013

Home of the American Alligator

If you want to see alligators, head on down to Brazos Bend State Park in the spring. A walk around 40 Acre Lake or Elm Lake is certain to provide good looks at plenty of these remarkable creatures. We strolled around Elm Lake yesterday morning and saw about a dozen of all shapes and sizes.

First up was a young alligator lurking by the boardwalk to the fishing platform. Like all young gators, he had yellow stripes running across his body and tail.

When we reached the main path around the lake, we came across a smallish adult that looked much more active.

 Then there was a fairly large adult dozing right by the side of the path.

A slightly bigger one was facing the water, giving us a nice view of its profile.

Then came a 12-footer, sunning itself right next to the path.

I'm always amazed by how tolerant the alligators at Brazos Bend are of the park's human visitors. I can think of few other animals that would allow people to walk around taking photos from just a few yards.

Of course, alligators are not the only wildlife in the park. Scores of Red-eared Sliders sun themselves on logs in the water. 

The park also has plenty of birds. For example, yesterday there were White Ibis everywhere, including dozens perched in the trees along the Elm Lake path.

However, I'll leave my comments on the birds we saw until my next posting, on Monday morning.

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