Monday, March 25, 2013

Not So Fast!

The other day I was commenting on how spring had arrived. I was a little premature. Winter seems to have returned for a  final short spell. One result is that bird species that I thought had left our yards have reappeared.

One Orange-crowned Warbler and several Yellow-rumped Warblers are again frequenting our yards. The Orange-crowned visits the suet feeders while the Yellow-rumped feed in our trees or drink at the birdbath.

We currently have at least two Red-breasted Nuthatches.

Unlike their Brown-headed cousins, these Nuthatches are amazingly unafraid of people in our yards. They will fly down to eat at the feeders even when I am standing only 3 feet away.

After seeing hardly any American Goldfinches in our yards for weeks, a small flock has appeared and is constantly at our feeders. Many of the birds have much brighter plumage than they had earlier in the year.  

A solitary Chipping Sparrow has returned also, a pretty little bird that Dee and I are always glad to see in our yards.

Our resident Blue Jays, Northern Cardinals, Northern Mockingbirds, House Finches, Carolina Wrens and Carolina Chickadees all continue to show a high profile, too. And our White-winged Doves are as omnipresent as ever. This one demonstrated the species' adaptability by managing to eat from our suet feeders.



Dave said...

Nicely done Jeff, love your sparrows in the states, a visit one day to mop them all up I think

Jeff said...

We usually have a lot of sparrows in our area, Dave, but numbers have been way down this winter. If you ever make it over here, you're very welcome to stay with us.