Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Funny Place to Settle

A lot of people at CyFair College know that I'm a birder. So I wasn't too surprised when a colleague came to me with a bird problem. She told me that she wanted to head home but couldn't, because a mother and baby bird were cuddled up on the hood of her car. She didn't want to move the birds in case this would harm the baby.

I walked over to her car. Sure enough, on the hood of her car an adult Mourning Dove was sitting huddled protectively over a young dove.

The adult flew off as soon as I approached but the young bird stayed where it was.

I decided to lift the bird and place it on the grass verge of the parking lot, where its parents would be able to find it. However, as soon as I reached out towards the bird, it flew off.

I suppose the young bird had flown down to the car and then panicked. So one of its parents had flown down to babysit it.

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