Monday, June 10, 2013

A Local Site

Friday morning I drove to the Longwood retention pond. It's a site that's just a mile from our house and that I only discovered in April.

The edges of the pond were ringing with the calls of Red-winged Blackbirds. Meanwhile half-a-dozen Cliff Swallows were swooping over the water as a Great Blue Heron flew over.

A Great Egret took offense and flew off as I approached.

So, too, did an immature Little Blue Heron, with more white plumage than blue. 

A Green Heron perched high up in a tree seemed not to notice me.

I was surprised to see an Anhinga fly in, dive a couple of times, and then stand on a post to dry off its wings.

However, I hadn't come to the site to watch wading or diving birds. I had come to see how the nesting Bald Eagles were doing. I hadn't been for several weeks and so I thought perhaps they had already raised their young and had left. So I was relieved to see one adult still perched by the nest.

Another adult was perched nearby but launched itself into the air when I approached.

It circled over me several times.

Since there was no sign of any young, I decided to leave. But as I was walking to my car, a juvenile Bald Eagle came out of nowhere and flew over me. 

The adult then flew off to the west, followed by the eaglet.

Although I stayed at the pond for a while, I didn't see another juvenile and so I assume this pair is raising just one young this year.

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