Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Kingbirds Breeding

Every summer I enjoy watching Western Kingbirds nesting on the CyFair campus. I normally watch the pair that nests under the eaves of the basketball court but this year I'm watching another pair. This pair nests annually in trees alongside the lot where I park my car every day.

These particular W Kingbirds have been around for several weeks and I've been keeping an eye on them to see which tree they would choose this time.

The Friday before last I saw the very first signs of nest-building. It wasn't too impressive!

However, by the following Monday morning the nest looked to be complete.

The next day the female was sitting in the nest.

The male, like all typical dads-to-be, was hovering nervously nearby.

The eggs should hatch on about June 15th. After that, it'll be fun watching the parents feed and clear up after the nestlings until early July.

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