Monday, September 02, 2013

Baytown Nature Center

I took advantage of the Labor Day Weekend to drive down to Baytown Nature Center.

As usual,  the bay had plenty of Brown Pelicans, Neotropic Cormorants and Laughing Gulls as well as a few Forster's Terns.

Yellow-crowned Night Herons were everywhere. Juveniles were in the ditches and in trees.

Adults were plentiful also.

Great Blue Herons (below) and Great Egrets were perched in trees all over the site.

Snowy Egrets were busy fishing.

Killdeer were everywhere but the other shorebirds I was hoping for were not. Apart from a handful of semipalmated Sandpipers I saw only a solitary Black-necked Stilt (below) and four Spotted Sandpipers (below).


If shorebirds were scarce, flowers were certainly not. 





My final sighting before leaving the site was a Green Heron, a common bird here but one that I never tire of watching.


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