Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Bits and Pieces

Some time ago I mentioned that we'd moved one of our birdbaths and that the birds had stopped using it. Well, I'm glad to say that they're now starting to get used to it again. The first bird to venture near it was a young House Finch.

Our Carolina Wrens never seem to use our birdbaths - but they sometimes look down from the shed to see who is taking a bath.

Dee and I have both been glad to see that our one-footed male Northern Cardinal is still managing to survive. Although we put seed on the ground for him, he now seems to have mastered perching on our new ceramic feeder. 

Last year we had probably 100+ Gulf Fritillary butterflies hatch out in our backyard. So far this year we've seen very little butterfly action, although Monarchs occasionally drift through and at least one emerged from a chrysalis on our milkweed. We occasionally get Giant Swallowtails also.


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