Saturday, December 28, 2013


In my last post I was complaining that we weren't seeing the normal number of winter residents in our yards this year. So I was surprised to get up on Christmas Eve and see several winter birds flocking to our feeders.

Our Orange-crowned Warbler was here as usual, this time trying to eat from the suet feeder by hovering under it.

Several Yellow-crowned Warblers decided to drop in.

Five Chipping Sparrows turned up. They fed mainly from seeds that had fallen down from the feeders but occasionally tried out the seeds on the fence.

Five American Goldfinches arrived also and divided their time between the feeders and the birdbath.

The birdbath was equally popular with our Tufted Titmice.

Dee had mentioned seeing a Ruby-crowned Kinglet earlier in the month but I had missed it. It finally appeared on Christmas Day, although I didn't manage to get any photos until yesterday.


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