Monday, June 30, 2014

High Island Rookery

If you want to see plenty of action at the Smith Oaks rookery in High Island, you should go soon. There are still plenty of birds to watch but the chicks are growing up fast.

In my previous posts I focused on the Roseate Spoonbills and Great Egrets. However, there are plenty of other birds around the pond that contains the rookery.

I didn't see any Anhingas but Neotropic Cormorants were very numerous.

A few of Tricolored Herons were nesting but I couldn't get any worthwhile photos, so I had to settle for this shot of a White Ibis instead.

Here and there among the many Great Egrets were the much smaller Snowy Egrets. Groups of young birds were waiting for their parents to return with food.

As soon as a parent returns, the chicks follow it around, begging for a meal. 

If parents don't oblige quickly enough, the chicks have ways of encouraging them to cooperate.

No wonder that several of the adults sometimes fly to a different part of the rookery just to get a few moments of peace!


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