Thursday, June 26, 2014

June in Our Yards

Quite a few young birds appeared in our yards in May, notably a House Finch, a couple of Carolina Wrens and several Northern Cardinals (below). 

However, June is the month when the offspring of most of our resident birds appear. 

We seem to have so many new Blue Jays that we can't keep count. Some of them are still looking scruffy but some are already sporting nice crests.

We have rather more young White-winged Doves and House Sparrows (below) than we would wish for.

Luckily, our latest young male Red-bellied Woodpecker soon moves the doves and sparrows away from the feeders. 

He has an extraordinarily long tongue!

Less dominant is a young Downy Woodpecker, which turns up regularly.

The new arrival that we're most excited about, though, is a Tufted Titmouse. It's the very first time that Titmice have bred in our yards.

The youngster has been coming to our feeders for a couple of weeks. Like most young birds, its beak is edged with yellow.

The other day it seemed to feel that the heat was just too much to bear.

(In reality, it was probably sunbathing either to get more Vitamin D or to get rid of parasites.)

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