Monday, October 13, 2014

Black Vultures

I have to admit that I like vultures. They aren't the most beautiful birds but they are superb fliers and they do a wonderful job cleaning up roadkill and other dead animals. When we lived in California, I spent a lot of time watching and photographing Turkey Vultures as they soared and glided effortlessly across the sky. I still see Turkey Vultures most days here in Texas but I now see many more Black Vultures, a bird whose range doesn't extend to California.

The reason I mention Black Vultures is that on Sunday I went over to the San Jacinto Monument and Black Vultures were everywhere.

There were two dozen in the parking lot opposite the Monument Inn. They were busy going through the garbage bins and arguing over plastic bags they had pulled out of the bins.

Two of the birds were clearly fans of fast food.

In the Monument park a more discerning vulture was checking out the barbecue grills.

Nearby ten more vultures had found a perch where they were unlikely to be disturbed.

I find that Black Vultures are much less skittish than their larger cousins and so it is much easier to get close-up photos of them. I came across one particularly obliging - and quite handsome - individual as I was leaving the park.



Dorothy Borders said...

What is they say about great minds? My "Poetry Sunday" post yesterday was about Black Vultures. I am an admirer also.

Dave said...

Yes I also love this species, saw loads of them in Venezuela and quite approachable. This is another of the worlds families that I wish we had in the UK (Add Hummingbirds et al to that list)