Thursday, March 24, 2016

Dawn on Bolivar

Sunday morning I was up early and arrived at Rollover Pass on the Bolivar peninsula before dawn.

As on our February visit, there were plenty of birds but almost all of them were far from the beach. An additional problem was that there was such a strong wind that it was impossible to hold binoculars or camera still. So after taking a blurry photo of a group of American Avocets, I headed further along the peninsula in hopes of finding a more sheltered spot and more birds.

I ended up at the end of Yacht Basin Road, where several Willets were looking unhappy as they stood facing into the wind.

A solitary Red-breasted Merganser was bobbing around nearby.

By now the light was much better and the wind seemed to be decreasing somewhat, so I headed back to Rollover Pass. Although most birds were still well out of reach, there were a few on the beach. This Black-bellied Plover was one.

 This Willet was another.

Occasionally a Brown Pelican would glide majestically by, only feet above the water.

Disappointed by the comparative lack of birds, I started driving out through the parking area but had to stop when I noticed a Snowy Egret fishing in a small pool next to the rusted siding of the main water channel. I can never resist the chance to watch and photograph Snowies!



The Egret was sharing the pool with a Willet.

I was so busy watching the Snowy Egret and the Willet that I almost missed noticing a Great Blue Heron that was standing motionless only a few yards away.



After thanking the Heron for being such a cooperative photo subject, I headed back to Winnie to collect Dee. Our plan after that was to hang out at High Island until our friends showed up.

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Pam said...

Lovely photos Jeff!